Our Home Exchange Trip To Florida

21 08 2011

We now have 1,156 listings world wide of which 925 are home exchange listings and 231 rental listings by the end of the year we anticipate we will have approximately 1,275 with the current listing rate. This has been achieved without google ads, but once we have paying members we will promote the website using google ads as well, which should add around 1,000 listings per year using current advertising methods and google ads.
All listings are currently Free and will remain so until the end of December 2012 by which time we hope to have between 1500-1600 listings in total, home exchange is a great way to travel and saves you a lot of money on your accommodation costs and in some cases car hire costs. So this is a great opportunity to try this type of vacation with no upfront membership fees to pay.


How to create a good home exchange listing

28 08 2010

Do spend time on your home exchange listing, add details of the property and it’s location do include details of any local places of interest and local services.

Do add content about your self and family and do add as many photos of your property as you can, if you can set a main image for your listing do so, this will greatly increase your chances of arranging an exchange.

Do review your listing and check for any spelling mistakes and poor grammar when you are happy then post your listing, just so you are aware you are 50% more likely to get an exchange request if your listing has a main image set and you have uploaded photos to your listing.

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