Our Home Exchange Trip To Florida

21 08 2011

We now have 1,156 listings world wide of which 925 are home exchange listings and 231 rental listings by the end of the year we anticipate we will have approximately 1,275 with the current listing rate. This has been achieved without google ads, but once we have paying members we will promote the website using google ads as well, which should add around 1,000 listings per year using current advertising methods and google ads.
All listings are currently Free and will remain so until the end of December 2012 by which time we hope to have between 1500-1600 listings in total, home exchange is a great way to travel and saves you a lot of money on your accommodation costs and in some cases car hire costs. So this is a great opportunity to try this type of vacation with no upfront membership fees to pay.


How to Improve your Chances of getting a Home Exchange Offer.

28 05 2010

When you do list your property on a Home Exchange website, do spend a little time on your listing. Do upload photos of your property and set a main image for your listing, this will greatly increase your chances of arranging an exchange, people do like to see photos of the exchange property, some people do not even contact listings which  do not have photos of the exchange property. Most home exchange websites give priority to listings which do have photos uploaded hence more traffic to your listing, do add a little about the location of the property and the local area, also add a little bit of information about your self.

Do make it clear the destinations you would be interested in and be flexible on your dates for an exchange, do contact members well before you would like to go on holiday probably a year in advance would be best, do be proactive and contact members look at any events that may be happening in your country that may be of interest to some one abroad for example the Olympics, the World Cup, Test Match etc if your property is not in a major city,by the coast, or in the country side, these could be good opportunities to arrange an exchange.

Free Home Exchange websites are the Best Way to Start

17 05 2010

We have kept our website Free until we feel we are giving are members good value for money, the service is just as good as with a paid Home Exchange website and in some cases better. The advantage of joining free websites is you can try the service and this type of vacation before you pay any fees, which is a big advantage, paid websites would have you believe that you get what you pay for this is not the case.Many free home exchange websites are very good. So I would list on Free home exchange websites first and try this type of vacation before you decide to part with any money, which is great idea in this current economic climate try before you buy.

The Advantages of a Home Exchange Vacation

15 05 2010

With the global economic crisis this still gives people the option to travel abroad or within their own country, you will have no accommodation costs and many people will also exchange cars so no car rental costs as well, this could be a saving of $2,000 to $3,000 of your annually vacation bill you just have to find a cheap flight and some spending money.

The other benefits are you do know the people and the property you are staying in also the location may not be in the normal tourists spots, so you can find out how the real locals live also people do make friends with person’s world wide, the world really is your oyster.

If you have not considered a home exchange vacation before now could be just the right time.

Do add Photos to Your Home Exchange Listing

14 05 2010

When you  list your property on a home exchange website, do add photos to your listing this greatly increases your chances of arranging an exchange. In many cases the home exchange website will give priority to listings with photos, If I was looking for an exchange I would only contact people who had photos of the property that I was considering an exchange with.

If the website does have a main photo option do use it, this normally means the main image will then appear on the 1st page of your listing and this will get your listing noticed more, it is better to have a photo rather than a blank image.

Should You Phone Potential Exchange Partners

11 05 2010

Should you phone potential exchange partners? My answer is yes, especially if you have several people interested in an exchange, better still if you have an internet connection and web cam you can talk and see them online, then decide who you want to exchange with. You will get a better idea of what the people are like, I would not just use emails to organize an exchange.

Do still use an exchange contract as this is a legally binding contract between both parties and do also get travel insurance to cover you in case of ill health.

Do Plan Ahead When arranging your Home Exchange

10 05 2010

Do plan ahead when arranging your exchange, it is not like going to the travel agents and just booking your vacation. I did find this out the hard way, I contacted a few people listed on our website in March 2010 hoping to get an exchange for this summer.

In every case the reply back was we have sorted our holidays out for this year all ready, so I will approach people before Christmas for next years vacation and hope I can arrange an exchange for next summer. As for this year I just might have to book our holiday with a travel agents, more expense.

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