Home Exchange is a Great Way to Save Money

1 10 2010

Our Florida Home Exchange Property

In the current economic climate home exchange is a great way of saving money, as a family we have visited Orlando Florida on many occasions, we have always had self catering holidays but the accommodation costs can be very expensive the average price for a small villa with a pool is about £600 per week.
We did arrange an exchange to Florida which saved us nearly £1,200 in accommodation costs we did not exchange cars but many people do, the hire car costs are around £350 per week depending on vehicle size but potentially we could have saved £1,900 off the price of the holiday the total cost with
accommodation costs and car hire would be around £4,000 including spending money.
So the overall cost could have been reduced to £2,100 for a family of 4 that’s just £525 per person for a 2 week holiday including Disney World and Universal Studio passes for 7 days that is a bargain.
So do give this type of holiday a try you will save a lot of money and have a great time in the process.


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