The Advantages of a Home Exchange Vacation

15 05 2010

With the global economic crisis this still gives people the option to travel abroad or within their own country, you will have no accommodation costs and many people will also exchange cars so no car rental costs as well, this could be a saving of $2,000 to $3,000 of your annually vacation bill you just have to find a cheap flight and some spending money.

The other benefits are you do know the people and the property you are staying in also the location may not be in the normal tourists spots, so you can find out how the real locals live also people do make friends with person’s world wide, the world really is your oyster.

If you have not considered a home exchange vacation before now could be just the right time.


Do add Photos to Your Home Exchange Listing

14 05 2010

When you  list your property on a home exchange website, do add photos to your listing this greatly increases your chances of arranging an exchange. In many cases the home exchange website will give priority to listings with photos, If I was looking for an exchange I would only contact people who had photos of the property that I was considering an exchange with.

If the website does have a main photo option do use it, this normally means the main image will then appear on the 1st page of your listing and this will get your listing noticed more, it is better to have a photo rather than a blank image.

Should You Phone Potential Exchange Partners

11 05 2010

Should you phone potential exchange partners? My answer is yes, especially if you have several people interested in an exchange, better still if you have an internet connection and web cam you can talk and see them online, then decide who you want to exchange with. You will get a better idea of what the people are like, I would not just use emails to organize an exchange.

Do still use an exchange contract as this is a legally binding contract between both parties and do also get travel insurance to cover you in case of ill health.

Do Plan Ahead When arranging your Home Exchange

10 05 2010

Do plan ahead when arranging your exchange, it is not like going to the travel agents and just booking your vacation. I did find this out the hard way, I contacted a few people listed on our website in March 2010 hoping to get an exchange for this summer.

In every case the reply back was we have sorted our holidays out for this year all ready, so I will approach people before Christmas for next years vacation and hope I can arrange an exchange for next summer. As for this year I just might have to book our holiday with a travel agents, more expense.

Free Home Exchange Clubs

8 05 2010

If you are considering trying a home exchange vacation, I would suggest you try the free home exchange websites first, you can list your property free before having to pay any membership fees. Do check what you are getting for your free listing, simply home exchange does allow you to contact members with your free listing many do not, you can list your property but you have to wait for full members to contact you.

Do use recognised home exchange websites, you can find these by checking on google for free home exchange websites, the free websites will tend to have less listings, but you could list on several websites to improve your chances of arranging an exchange. We have had 2 exchange requests so far this year even though simply home exchange just has over 700 listings, you list on a few websites and you should get quite a few requests in a year.

I would follow the try before you buy option first to see if home exchange is for you.

Our Home Exchange Trip to Turkey

3 05 2010

We recently visited Fethiye in Turkey, the trip had two objectives one to view a business for sale and take a short vacation at the same time, we did save £400 on accommodation costs as well. Fethiye is a stunning town with some amazing scenery and sea views we had a great vacation although we did not in the end buy the business. Turkey is often over looked as a vacation destination but it is a stunning country well worth the visit, we will  be returning to Turkey some time in the future and hopefully saving more money on accommodation costs.

Home Exchange The Cheap Way To Travel!

3 05 2010

I have been involved in home exchanging for many years now, originally just exchanging homes for a vacation and now as the owner of a home exchange website.

I launched our website just over 3 years ago to promote home exchange as a concept and provide a cheaper option to members, also to allow the average person to try this type of holiday as a cheaper alternative to travel agents. The website is currently free so people can list their property and contact members with their free listing, the website url is if any body is interested in listing a property for exchange.

In this current economic climate it could mean the difference between people having a vacation abroad or having no vacation at all, it is well worth trying this type of vacation as an alternative to conventional vacations, you save on your accommodation costs and many people exchange cars as well, this means a pretty big saving on your vacation costs.

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