How to Improve your Chances of getting a Home Exchange Offer.

28 05 2010

When you do list your property on a Home Exchange website, do spend a little time on your listing. Do upload photos of your property and set a main image for your listing, this will greatly increase your chances of arranging an exchange, people do like to see photos of the exchange property, some people do not even contact listings which  do not have photos of the exchange property. Most home exchange websites give priority to listings which do have photos uploaded hence more traffic to your listing, do add a little about the location of the property and the local area, also add a little bit of information about your self.

Do make it clear the destinations you would be interested in and be flexible on your dates for an exchange, do contact members well before you would like to go on holiday probably a year in advance would be best, do be proactive and contact members look at any events that may be happening in your country that may be of interest to some one abroad for example the Olympics, the World Cup, Test Match etc if your property is not in a major city,by the coast, or in the country side, these could be good opportunities to arrange an exchange.




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